Have you ever wanted COP, Quality or Environmental management support, but did not have the time to learn to do it yourself, or the place in your company for a full time quality or environmental manager?
If the answer is yes, have you ever considered using an interim or part time system and process support consultant, but thought that’s like buying a pig in a poke and could be an expensive waste of money?
There are many examples of companies being charged huge fees for an ‘off the shelf’ system which they have to fit to and never manage it.

What about needing your internal audits planned, carried out and managed. We offer training solutions in conducting single system or intergrated, internal or lead auditing, problem solving, automotive core tools, COP and FMEA team leader.

Well we at demanding solutions only use highly experienced quality and environmental managers and highly skilled external auditors to develop support and managed your system around your company. One that meets the needs of you and the certification standard without wasting time and money on unnecessary extra bells and whistles.